The name PRONOIA isn't just a word, it's a mindset.
Pronoia describes the state of mind that is the opposite of paranoia.
Whereas a person suffering from paranoia feels the world is conspiring against them, a person experiencing Pronoia believes the universe is conspiring in their favor.


Pronoia started as a personal quest to maintain a positive state of mind and combat intrusive thoughts. We trust in the science behind mindfulness practices to help break free from old habits and create a new, more positive self.

Our merch isn't just fashion, each item is designed to remind you that you have control over your mindset and to help you enter the state of mind in which you can manifest your dreams!
By wearing Pronoia, you are giving the universe a silent affirmation that you are ready for the abundance and positivity that the universe has to offer.

Join us on this journey towards a positive state of mind!
Browse our collection, find the piece that resonates with you, and experience PRONOIA!